We’ve Been HACKED

First of all, we want to apologize to all of you for the inconvenience and downtime. In the last week or so we’ve been fighting against serious DDOS attacks, bots, fake traffic, spammy backlinks and what not.

Obviously someone from the NSFW industry is not happy for us sharing tips with you guys and helping you to understand how webcam modeling and online camming works.

We found few malwares in the comments of our most visited post about webcam modeling and best cam sites that we found out there.

That’s why our comments are gone, sorry about that, we hope that we will build this community from the ground up again.

We managed to clean everything, we even changed our hosting and have done some security precaution measures for this not to happen again.

Thank you all for understanding, stay tuned we have some new features coming up on our blog.

OM Team

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