Updated October 6th 2017

Working as a model on cam sites is a great opportunity to make some cash. It can also be very interesting and funny. You will meet different kind of people, become good online friend with them, and maybe discover something about yourself that you haven’t known yet etc.

If you have decided to become webcam model, first that you are thinking of is probably your privacy.

Many models give up because they are afraid that someone they know can see them on cam site. So if you have the same problem, first thing you need to do is to check webcam sites that allow country blocking.

This is one of the best features that webcam sites can offer to their models. Number of blocked countries or regions can vary, depends which webcam site you select to work for. This is great if you don’t want to your friends, family or someone else see you on cam sites.

Of course, it doesn’t guarantee 100% that someone can’t see you, but this is the first step to save your privacy. Regarding privacy, you also need to check which webcam sites have DMCA license or you can buy it for yourself. But now we are talking about country blocking and bellow is list of sites that support this features.

Webcam Modeling Sites With Country Blocking

  1. Chaturbate– you can block tens of country and states(USA)
  2. Livejasmin– you have an option to set three countries as blocked, also you can block your home state/region
  3. Bongacams– lets you block as many countries, states, and cities as you want.
  4. Internet Modeling – with them you can block visitor by country, city or states and create up to 5 blocked areas
  5. Xlovecam –  Geoblocking is available, high risk countries are auto blocked
  6. Mongo – allow you to block US states, Canadian provinces and entire countries.
  7. Flirt4free – models can block entire countries as individual US States and/or Canadian Provinces

Of course, there are still webcam sites that allows you to block some country or region, but this is list of sites which also pay the most. So if you decide to work as a webcam model our suggestion is one of these sites.

But if you block some areas, it doesn’t mean that someone from that territories can’t see you. People use different methods to see who is online.

Tips for webcam models to increase their privacy

Block more than one area

Blocking some areas is great feature by webcam sites. But many visitors use some proxy servers to hide or change their IP address and this way make access to webcam sites. You can’t fight against that.

Also someone from your country/state can visit other one which you didn’t blocked and this way again can visit cam sites you’re working on. So, if you see that someone is “suspicious” you can block that user and make your room safer.

Never Give Your Real Name

You should never give your real name in chat room, or set your cam nick as your real name. Use some username to become recognizable, but never use data from your ID. Not only because someone who knows you, but because of other privacy staffs.

Hide Your Identity With Make Up and Costumes

Also if you want to make yourself safer, you can use some staff like makeup or even some wig, which is great choice to cover yourself. You should pay attention to your surroundings, don’t put any material, as your pictures, photos of people that you know or pictures of streets in your town.

There are many people who, if they want to, will discover you. Follow social accounts of your webcam site, they sometime know to put automatic update and maybe your photos shows on that. In that case you need to contact them to remove it.

This is just some tips for webcam models, if you want to know much more you need to check some forums with cam models and ask for more advices. Of course if you have no problem that someone is going to ”judge” you because of your cam job, you just need to be yourself and start working.

People have prejudice about webcam modeling and sex chats. I saw parents on some forums asking  for advice about cam sites, because their children want to work in this industry. This is only entertainment and you can make money quick this way.

In case that someone discovers you on cam site and starts judging you, then you ask them why did they visit cam site in the first place? 🙂

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