15 Best Cam Sites With Live Sex on Cam (2020)

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When it comes to adult cam sites, there are a lot of options out there. Far too many if you are looking to get horny quickly. Who the hell wants to spend hours clicking through sites? You wanna find somewhere and then BAM find the perfect person to feast your eyes on right away.

Luckily for you, our team of editors understood this a long time ago. That is why we put together this list of the best cam sites out there. We reckon that if you head to any of the sites on this list, you are going to be more than satisfied with what you find there.

We have taken great care in the selection of sites on this list. We have tried to make sure that there is something for everybody here. We have selected these sites based upon the wealth of models on there, the average cost to really have fun, as well as how easy the sites are to browse. Honestly, we have not left a stone unturned to ensure that only the greatest webcam sites appear on this list.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in, shall we?


Chaturbate is probably the most popular adult cam site in the world. It doesn’t matter when you visit the website, there will always be a good few thousand people who are live. Most of these are going to be women. The brilliant part is that pretty much every single cam that you find on this website is 100% public. This means that you can dip in and look t a dash of nudity without having to spend a single cent on anything. Although, of course, you are always encouraged to spend cash on here. These people do it for their full-time job, after all.

The only real downside is that this is a place that is often the first place budding cam models like to head. This causes a major issue because a lot of people do not have the right cam equipment for streaming. It can be an awful experience to watch them. However, if you stick to the popular streams, you probably shouldn’t have that much of an issue.


Bongacams is another one of those ‘popular’ adult cam sites. While there are a few amateur models on the site, the bulk of the site seems to be focused on those who do this for a living. This means that if you head to BongaCams, you will be able to enjoy most of the streams being in full HD, and most of them boast some pretty damn sexy women. Even if the performer doesn’t look all that great, you can bet your bottom dollar that they have the skills to keep you excited. Once again, most of what you see here is public, and you can tip if you want a bit of excitement.

The downsides? Bongacams doesn’t really have the same number of models as some of the other places, but there will still be a few hundred people live at all times, and the quality of models does seem to be higher than a few other websites.


LiveJasmin is another site that you may have heard of, mostly because it gets advertised pretty much everywhere. This is a site that is mostly about the private cams, and a bit of cam to cam. However, there are also some private options available on LiveJasmin too. From our experience, many of the top porn stars have performed on LiveJasmin a couple of times, so it is always worth checking out. You may find a couple of awesome people that you really love here. Where else can you see real porn stars and get them to do what you want?

We think that the only real issues with this site is that some of the women on here charge a little bit too much in comparison to other websites. We get why they do it. A lot of the people on LiveJasmin have a bit more cash than the other sites, but kicking around can get pretty expensive.


While StripChat is not exactly the easiest to browse sex cam site in the world, in our opinion, it is the best site for those people who want to track down exactly who they want to look at. There are little filters that will allow you to browse by ethnicity, age, and body type. So, if you are looking for a chunky ebony lass under the age of 20, all you need to do is play about with the filters and you can get exactly who you want. There is a mixture of private and public cams here.

One of the great things about StripChat is that it is one of only a few websites that offers VR cam shows. This means that you can really feel that you up close and personal with the streamer, assuming you have the right equipment. Probably the only real downside to this site is the fact that not many people stream in VR. It is probably something that will take off eventually, but right now (at peak time), the number seems to be capping out at 12.


MyFreeCams is a pretty simple website, and it mostly runs on the tip system. We must admit that this site does look like it has been whipped out of the early 2000s, but we think that it is part of the charm. It loads nice and snappy. Despite this, a lot of the cam streams that you find on MyFreeCams are also going to be available in full HD. It is awesome. If you are on a slower internet connection (or computer), then MyFreeCams may be a great place to head.

While the cam filters on MyFreeCams are awesome, this is a site that doesn’t look all that brilliant. The profile images are a little bit too small, so if you are browsing on a mobile device, it can be tricky.


We are pretty sure that CamSoda is pretty much the only one of the cam websites that allows you to buy official merchandise. But, let’s put that to one side for a second. You probably care more about the sexy people that stream here.

For models, this isn’t the most brilliant site in the world. Even the sexiest people struggle to break 100 or so viewers at times. However, if you are a viewer, it is going to be a shit ton easier to catch the attention of the people that you watch. So, if you love personal chats, this is probably going to be one of the best sex cam sites for you.

A lot of the cams here are public cams, but do bear in mind that the focus for the vast majority of people on CamSoda are there to try and get you into the more lucrative private chats. And, to be honest, with how sexy a lot of the models are on here, this is going to be pretty damn tough to avoid at times.


Cam4 is a site that is pretty much in the same vein as Chaturbate. It is a wildly popular sex cam site, and easily one of the best ones there is. Once again, all of the cams that you find on here are going to be public cams. This means that you can enjoy the thousands of models on Cam4 without having a whopping amount of cash available.

We think the only real downside to Cam4 is that, once again, this is an adult sex cam site that seems to attract a lot of people who are new to the business. This means that, at times, it can be tricky to find somebody that is bloody awesome to watch. However, if you stick to the popular cams on the front page, there shouldn’t be that many issues.


It has always baffled us that the Cams.com domain name is so awesome, but the site struggles to attract a lot of streamers. Right now (and this is a peak time), there is only a good thousand women live on the site. Although, to be honest, the quality of the streams is a bit higher than the average. About 50% of the streams are going to be private streams.

The models here are mostly pro models, so they know how to put on a decent show. Although, of course, it also means that they are going to be charging a lot more than your average amateur streamer.


Modeling.cam is a site that you may not have heard of, but it is one of those rare gem sites that still manages to attract tens of thousands of visitors each day. In fact, it is not uncommon to see over ten thousand viewers on a single stream. Talking about streams, there are shit tons of people live here at all times. Thousands of them. It is mostly public cams too.

Searching though modeling.cam is also going to be a breeze. This site uses a hashtag system, which allows you to really filter down the specifics of who you want to look at.

Downsides? Some of the women on this site an be a little bit more on the expensive side.


NudeLive.cam is one of those cam websites that always have a good thousand or so people live on the site. They also offer tremendous options for you to be able to filter through all of them. One of the features we love is the ability to filter based on location. So few websites offer this, and that has always been rather baffling to us.

The women on here can be rather cheap, and most of them sit naked on webcam without receiving any tips. The major issue is the fact that a good number of people on the site are not English speakers. Although, this is something that you can avoid if you use the filter options properly. But, do bear in mind that the majority of the popular cams (i.e. where all the action seems to be happening) are not going to be in English.


You are going to find less than 500 people live on ImLive at any one time (which some can see as a bit of a downside), but the shows here are always going to be great to watch, even if a little tough to browse.

ImLive seems to attract some real pros in the sex cam business. There are both private and public shows here. However, do bear in mind that ImLive tends to veer towards the private cams, which means you will need to be spending a good chunk of change if you want to see the real action here. But, believe us, it is worth it.


Flirt4Free may have ‘free’ in the title, but every cam here is a private cam. This means that you would have to be bloody lucky if you were to see one or two nude ladies on the site. You will need to go armed with a good few hundred credits. However, if you go in with a sizeable amount of cash, you will be able to enjoy some of the best damn streamers on the internet. Probably one of the benefits of attracting some big porn stars in the business.


Camster is mostly about the Spanish and Portuguese speaking models, which can make it tough to browse if you only speak English. However, to be honest with you, the models kicking about on Camster are sexy enough for us to put that to one side. You are there to see a bit of nudity, not to have a chin wag, right?

There is a mixture of private, public, and voyeur cam shows here. This means that there is a little bit of something for everybody. However, do bear in mind that if you want to see the seriously good shows, you will need to be parting with a decent chunk of cash.


Streammate is actually just a reskin of NudeLive.cam. Well, actually, NudeLive.cam is a reskin of Streammate. This means that they boast the same models and the same filter options. So, this site isn’t really bringing anything new to the table in comparison to NudeLive.cam. The major benefit is that the design here seems to be a little bit easier on the eyes.


Skyprivate is one of the best looking cam sites we have ever seen. The design is stunning. It is just a shame that it doesn’t seem to be attracting the same number of models that other sites do.

Every cam that you find on Skyprivate is going to be a private cam show. However, with shows starting at as little as a $1, it will be some of the cheapest private cam shows out of all of the sites on this list.


So, there you have it. If you are looking for some of the best cam sites, you have more than enough options here. We suggest that you browse through as many of these webcam sites as you can to find something that is awesome for you.

You may even want to visit a couple of them regularly. This way you will always have a ton of awesome people to watch.