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Webcam modeling is one of the most profitable online jobs. If you ask some of the models with experience they will tell you that they make thousands of dollars per week.

And it’s true. We’ve already written about model which made over $6000 per week.

There are many factors to become successful webcam performer. You need to be patient, polite and innovative with your webcam job.

First thing you need to do is to attract customers to your room. Then you need to set up your schedule and they will visit your room when you are online.

The more clients you have the more money you earn. But what happens when you are not online?

Ok, with some webcam agencies you can sell your video or picture for tokens, which is recorded through live shows. But if you have your constant clients you need to offer them something special.

Did you know you can make money when you’re offline?

So this is the main point, passive income. There are some sites where you can upload your videos or photos and sell it.

Example, you can make some special video in your own house, upload it on this types of sites and make money when you are not online.

Some of those sites have their own traffic, but with some you need to share your link to your customers. However, doing this you can make much more money as a webcam model.

If you work as model for internet modeling, bongacams or some other webcam agency you only need to put link in you biography or write something as “check out my special offer”(and link to your selling videos site).

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So if you have hundreds of subscribers or followers on your live cam network and offer them something special, they will probably visit your link and buy some videos.

List of sites where you can sell your videos and pictures

  1. MC is a do it yourself paid fan club platform that allows models to create, customize and manage their own solo paysites. MC offers a single package solution that includes everything needed to run a successful paysite which includes design, hosting, billing, etc. They offer a number of templates to choose from that can be customized by the model through an easy-to-use interface. The paysites created on MC include all features of a fully functional website.
    There are no start up costs or monthly minimums associated with setting up a site with MC. They work on a revenue share where:
    • 10% from each transaction is a billing fee
    • 25% of the remainder goes to MC
    • 75% of the remainder (Gross Sales – 10%) goes to YOU (the Model).

Make your own site and let your imagination run wild.

  1. Custom4u offers many features for their models. You will get your profile page when you sign up, you have choice to put some tags on your profile, so that random customers can find you while browsing the site. You set your own price, and it can depends from quality of videos you sell, duration, what you do on recorded clips etc. You can also add up to 10 tags on your video, short description and other features. You will earn about 70 % from all sales and this is good features from this site. Other similar sites take much more for yourself.
  2. AmateurCommunity is place where you can sell your photos and videos, use live cams to interact with users, received messages from them and much more. One of the most popular European community.
  3. ManyVids  – is a platform/marketplace designed specifically for content producers to sell content online.
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Site is really easy to use and you can see explanation of every page. If you have some question there are great support from their side.

So, if you have Instagram, twitter or tumblr account with many followers tell them for your link, or if you are already webcam model put your link in your profile biography and customers will visit your page, be sure.

Give them some excellent content and you can make really good cash with this kind of webcam job.

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