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UPDATE: payoneer is closed, for new payment processors, please check this post.

If you want to offer your services on the internet and be paid for them you need to have some kind of payment method. In most cases your bank account or your master card is enough.

But with webcam modeling jobs situation is different. There are couple of methods which you can use to be paid for your webcam services.

I have been working in this niche for couple of years now, and I’ve used many of them. But I think there are two main services which you need to use, paxum and payoneer.

In this post I will share my experience with those two and let you to choose one of them. By now we always gave you useful advice in our posts, from our experience and experiences of our models. Same will happen now.

So let’s start

Payoneer Review

They have been over ten years on the net and it’s really a good services. When you sign up on their site, you need to provide them with your information such as your address. Process is simple.

Afterwards they immediately make Payoneer Master Card for you and send it to you (if you request it). Estimated delivery period is three weeks. When I opened my account, I was waiting over three weeks and I didn’t receive card.

After that period I contacted them and they told me they don’t know where is the problem and I ordered the new one. They send me again new one (I saw on my account different serial number of cards, and first card is annulled).

With second one same story, it wasn’t delivered. Finally I decided that I can’t wait anymore and I ordered third card with express delivery and received it for three days. It costed me $50.

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I know some people from my city and country who received their card in estimated period. But with me It was not the case. However, I want to tell you that I have been updated from their support with all information. They were professional.

Payoneer fees

When you activate your card you will be charged around $30/year. If you have no money on account, it will be charged when you receive payment or money. When you receive cash there are two ways to load your payments:

  • You can choose immediately load, and money will be on you card for two hours. It will cost you $5.
  • Second method, which I prefer, is standard load which is $2 and money you can use on your card after two or three days, it depends on weekends.

But there is one bad thing. Every payment which you want to load from your account to master card you need to pay fee $2 or $5. If you received for example three payments you will need to pay load for each one. So, for example, if you choose cheaper variant it will cost you $6 in this case (3 payments  multiply with $2). You can see example on the picture below:

You will also be charged for every transactions on ATM, doesn’t matter are you looking for account balance or you want to take some money from account. It will cost you $1. I can’t figure out, but they  also know sometimes to charge me with $1-$2 per month. But I don’t know why.

Minimum amount of money to transfer from your clients to you Payoneer account is $20. These are payoneer’s rules.

This is short example and reviews about payoneer services.

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Paxum Review

With paxum, situation is different. When you open account you need to give them picture of your ID card, or another ID document with valid informations and process of verification can be boring and lingering, because process is automated. If you send them picture which is little blur, algorythm will reject.

So if you decide to use paxum as your payment method contact support and speak with them, not with computer. You don’t have to order Master card immediately, because you can use money from your account if you want to pay some services that support paxum. Of course if you want to have money in your hand, you need to order card.

I had accumulated serious amount of money on my account and decided to order Paxum Master Card. Estimated delivery period was four to six weeks. After that period has been expired I contacted them to see what’s happened with card, because I didn’t receive it.

They told me that they don’t know and they can’t keep track of shipping. If I want to order new one they will send me with express delivery which cost $100.

After 3 months of waiting and contacting them(all of time same story, they don’t know what’s happened with card) I was forced to order Master Card with express delivery and I paid $100.

I ordered card on Tuesday and received it on Thursday (two days).I think they forced me because of amount on my paxum account. This is unprofessional and it’s called a greed. Why do I think so?

Two years after card has expired I decided not to order new one because of past experience. I though having a payoneer is enough. Three days before the expiry postman knock on my door and gave me new one card. They sent me it without any fee or charge. Why?

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Because I really used and received some money through those two years and they saw that I am a good customer. Ridiculous.

Paxum fees

When you order card it will cost you about $45/year. You will be charged when you receive some payments on account. But fees are lower than payoneer’s. if you received couple payments on your account it will be accumulated on one amount.

When you transfer all accumulated money you will be charged with only $0.25 and money will be instantly on your master card. In that case paxum is better and cheaper than payoneer. When you take money from ATM, paxum will charge you with $2.

Unlike payoneer, paxum doesn’t require minimum payouts to load to your account. If you earn one dollar you will received it on payment time.

So in these long post I tried to give you the best picture about these services. If you choose paxum, you will get little cheaper services, website which is really user friendly and, I think, unprofessional support.

In other hand, payoneer is slightly more expensive but really professional with great custom support and great app for mobile devices.

Both have referral program, but payoneer’s better. Also some webcam agencies don’t support paxum and you can use their services only for adult and similar niches.

So if you ask me you need to choose payoneer, especially if you do some other stuff on the net, not only webcam, because there are many services and niches which support payoneer.

Hope this helps, and if you need more information about firstchoicepay, please check our post named firstchoicepay alternatives.

Thanks for reading

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