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Updated: January 18th 2019

Do you want to know what is Chaturbate and how does chaturbate work? Are you ready to earn some cash and see how to make money on chaturbate?

Through this post we will explain to you everything you should know when it comes to this adult community.

But before our chaturbate review, just a few words as an introduction.

Webcam sites are great places to find funny for yourself, doesn’t matter are you looking for camming jobs or you want to find great webcam models to watch.

We built this site to help everyone who wants to be camgirl, camgay or camming couple and also for those kind of people who are looking for entertainment.

Since we built this site we have been investigated many sources to find best cam sites and we tried to describe that through our posts. Models recognized our efforts and they use information on our site to find best live cam sites to work for. And we are happy if they find useful information.

There are many adult sites, some of them are really great with long history on the internet and some are scam. But one which deserves your attention is Chaturbate

So let’s start with Chaturbate review!

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is an adult cam site launched in 2011. In a very short time it became very popular among users and models. It was first webcam site that allows free nude live cam shows.

And this fact has led to it becomes the most popular site in the camming industry.

Chaturbate has #121 rank in google in this moment and that’s guarantee huge traffic and visitors. Over 50 000 of visitors are in every moment on this site and chance to someone visit your chat room is big.

If you are beginner in webcam modeling, you really need to join this live chat.

There are several of sites with really professional conditions, but chaturbate is enough for you as beginner.

Seven years after being launched, today we can say that Chaturbate is the most visited site in adult niche generally, not only cam industry.

How does Chaturbate Work

In the text bellow you can see the whole process and step by step guide to learn how does chaturbate work, from registration to broadcasting and payouts.

Registration on Chaturbate

This live chat site is probably the easiest for registration among this kind of sites. You only need to tape your username, password and date of birth (if you decide to broadcast yourself you will need to give them proof with your ID document). But for beginning you even don’t need to confirm your email.

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how to login on chaturbate

In your profile, you can setup information such as who can see you (male, female…), do you allow group shows, price per minute, block country and other basic information.

As I said, if you decide to work as broadcaster you need to verify your age. Process of verification can take a few days.

Once your account is approved you are ready for live broadcasting.

Please check video bellow to see how to set up your chaturbate account for broadcasting.

cam girl tech tips

There are too much competition and it’s not easy to outrank other models, but if you prepare yourself on the right way, your chances are good. Try to be different from other chaturbate cam girls.

If you don’t have any idea you can look at the rooms of other models to see what they do. Just copy some interesting stuff from them 😉

How Much Money Can You Make on Chaturbate? (Earnings on Chaturbate)

How much money you can make on chaturbate depends on you. In my opinion, the most important factor of webcam site is its traffic. Chaturbate is  a numero uno when it comes to visitors.

Millions of daily users guarantee that you will not remain invisible.  Once they visit your chat room, you need to keep them inside. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready for public or private show at this moment.

Users on chaturbate are looking for all types of webcam models. You just need to be yourself.

Models Percentage on Chaturbate

Working as a webcam model on chaturbate you will keep almost 60% of your earnings and that’s good percentage. There are many other ways to make money.

If your room is highest viewed of the hour you will receive $10 and for second place $5. You can also sell your picture and videos for tokens, make your fun club and users will pay membership and much more feature for models.

Once you start with chaturbate you will automatically become an affiliate. If someone joins through your link you will receive a commission.

There are diferent ways to make money on chaturbate, as we mentioned before in this article.

Some chaturbate cam girls make a hundreds of dollars daily and believe me this is true. Of course, they have been doing webcam jobs for years, but it’s possible.

I believe that any beginner who works on chaturbate can make between $300 and $500 weekly, just broadcasting a few hours per day. Once you gain your loyal customers the sky is the limit.

I know some chaturbate cam girls that make over $15 000 per month. Other girls even more, for sure.

Payouts on Chaturbate

Users pay you with tokens and that will convert in dollars. One token is equally to $0.10. Chaturbate offers several payment methods such as ePayments, paxum, cosmo payments, direct deposit, wire and bank check.

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Minimum required is $50. You will be paid twice per month, between 16th and 20th in month for period 1-16 in month, and second between 1st and 5th for period 15-30 previous month.

Chaturbate couple – how much money they make on Chaturbate

This is the one of the best way to make money on chaturbate. People like to see sex scenes in front of the camera and if you have boyfriend you can call him to broadcast together. Many couples on chaturbate earn decent amount of money.

People enjoy to watch porn, but if that porn is amateur then they are ready to pay to see more. Of course, this is just an additional option to make some extra cash.

Chaturbate tips you definitely need to follow

  • Make your profile interesting. Write some nice and flirty description, put your social links, upload sexy pictures and videos, or make unique design of your page. Great tool for webcam models to setup their profile design on this link.
  • Use hashtags so that people can easily find you. Many users search for hashtags through chaturbate such as #new, #bbw, #18 and so on. Use them when you’re describing your live show.
  • In the beginning try to work in the different time of day to find out which part of day best converts for you.
  • Setup your schedule, so people can see when you are online
  • Buy some costumes, make your surroundings unique and interesting, use some sex toys such as remote control vibrator etc
  • Don’t start immediately with nudity, try to flirt with users, be mysterious.
  • Try to offer something new to your visitors from time to time. Maybe you should try broadcasting from your balcony, garden or any unusual place. This kind of live performing is something users like to see.
  • Use social networks to promote yourself. If you have twitter or Instagram account, put your chaturbate link in the description, follow chaturbate’s official profile, follow other models, make comments, put hashtags such as #camgirl #cammodel or similar in your posts…

Chaturbate apps and bots

As a webcam model it is desirable to use chaturbate apps and bots. What  do chaturbate apps and bots mean?

For example:

You need to set up your goals, example 500 tokens for take off your bra, if you are cam girl. When users tip and rich goal you need to do what you promised.

On chaturbate you can chat completely naked with members, do whatever you want with your body and that is big difference between chaturbate and other camming sites.

Other sites have restriction for models, they can’t be nude in front of camera, and they only can do that in private show.

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More about chaturbate apps and bots.

Is Chaturbate the best cam site for webcam models?

As I said before we explored many webcam sites, but for a long time we didn’t pay attention to chaturbate.

I don’t know why but, yes we have been focused on other sites. Finally, we decided to try and results are amazing. Why do we say this?

You can make money on different ways working as a broadcaster on chaturbate, but when you log in, you can immediately become chaturbate affiliate and believe me, make much more money than you can imagine. Chaturbate is unique and you will see that.

Our friend Tanya is from Eastern Europe and she is one of the chaturbate cam girls. She shared her experience with us so let’s see what does she has to say.

My beginning on Chaturbate. How do I start making money?

Hello, my name is Tanya and I’m from Romania. I started broadcasting on Chaturbate in April 2018. In the beginning it was hard time for me.

I was little shy and since English is not my native language I didn’t use live chat with users too much. After two weeks I only made around $150 and this wasn’t enough for me.

Then I joined wecamgirls forum and asked some experienced models to help me.  I found many good advices here and I realized what the Chaturbate is.

I can say this is not the only adult cam site where people wants to watch porn, but this is great community where I met many nice people.

Because of many features that site offers, such as apps and bots, broadcasting on chatubate is even some kind of online games.

After six months working on chaturbate (ten hours per week) I’m making around $600 weekly now and this is decent amount in my country.

Now I have 50 000 followers and loyal customers on chaturbate and near to 8K on twitter and Instagram combined. So in the September I decided to start with another cam site called Livejasmin, but chaturbate is still my first choice.

So if you ask me, chaturbate is a good choice for beginners.

performing on chaturbate

Are there any other cam sites better than chaturbate to make money with?

Objectively, for beginners  who want to be independent cam models, this adult community is perfect to start. Especially if you are ready for nudity in public show.

But, what if you are not sure about Chaturbate? We made list of cam sites where webcam models can do webcam jobs to make money. Maybe there you will find something better than chaturbate.

We try to implement every major data in our chaturbate review. If you are maybe experienced chaturbate cam girl and you think we forgot something to mention, please let us know in the comments.

Sign up with Chaturbate.

Thanks and hope this helps.

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