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Thanks to internet, the camming job is wide spread across the world. There are many popular sites such as Myfreecam, Chaturbate and so on. But those sites are not necessarily popular in Asian region but western regions. Since internet allows you to work globally, this article introduces what Japanese webcam market looks like.

Is webcam modeling popular in Japan?

Through research, we identified that there are many camming sites in Japan. These sites have fairly big numbers of models and viewers.


Name of the site Global Alexa rank Alexa rank in Japan Type
Angel live 21,743 1883 Adult
BBChatTV 64,798 6,593 Non-adult
Chatpia 29,999 2,494 Non adult、MILF
DMM live 188 17 Adult, Non-adult
DX live 5,184 547 Adult, English
FC2 live 58 6 Non-Adult, Adult, English, Broadcasting sites
Kanjukulive 165,664 12,980 Adult, Milf
LIVEDECHAT 10,595,052  N/A Adult
Livedegogo  86,410  6,908 Non adult
LIVE CHAT jewel  56,850  5,124 Adult
MACHERIE  46,574  4,085  Non-adult
Madam TV  46,445  3,782 Adult, Non adult. English option, Milf
Madamlive  40,236  3,521 Adult , Non adult, Milf


Interesting thing is that Japanese webcam market has many non-adult camming sites. Same as western market, webcamming in Japan seems to be popular thing. Indeed, the society is more open to such job as Japanese society tolerates sex industry. For example, if you go to Japan, you would notice that there are many types of prostitution places in Japan. (Prostitution in Japan is in grey area). Some statistics even suggest that 1 out of 68 woman aged between 18 and 55 has worked either in sex industry or at hostess bar (http://tani-channel.com/other/1087). Other example is porn. As you now, most of Asian porn is produced in Japan. No wander webcam industry is big in Japan.

How much are Japanese webcam models making?

How much a webcam model can make depends on how good she is at webcamming. There are many factors involving. But estimating from spending on internet porn, they may be making about 1.5 to 3.5 times more than what U.S model is making.


Per Capita Notes
China $27.40 $27.41 1
South Korea $25.73 $526.76
Japan $19.98 $156.75
US $13.33 $44.67
Australia $2.00 $98.70
UK $1.97 $31.84
Italy $1.40 $24.08
Canada $1.00 $30.21
Philippines $1.00 $11.18
Taiwan $1.00 $43.41 1
Germany $.64 $7.77 1
Finland $.60 $114.70 1
Czech Republic $.46 $44.94 1
Russia $.25 $1.76 1
Netherlands $.20 $12.13
Brazil $.10 $53.17 1
Other 212 Unavailable 2
$97.06 Billion    

*Data from 2006 worldwide porn spending http://www.familysafemedia.com/pornography_statistics.html

It is a rough estimate. But considering the fact that Japan is open to sex industry, Japanese webcam models could be making more than models from all of other countries in average.

Cultural differences?

Japan is unique in the sense that how the society is built on. In their culture, their decision making process rather focuses on how their decision impacts others that one belongs to. This is typical trait of collective culture. Collective culture emphasizes “accordance” rather than “independence”. Because of this trait, the type of woman that Japanese man likes is rather skewed. They like feminine woman or “Kawaii”(Cute) woman who is submissive. This does not mean that Japanese man treats woman as a slave. It is just the society does not accept someone who breaks accordance or another word aggressive person.  The type of man who woman likes is different as well. The muscular man who is popular in western culture is not usually liked by Japanese woman as it is taken as too aggressive. Thus if you are aggressive type, you may not be able to be popular in Japanese market.

Cute is “Cute”?

The definition of “cute” in our culture and “cute” in Japanese culture seems to be little different. The biggest notable difference is that their “cute” contains immaturity. If you watch Japanese anime, you notice that most of female anime characters have some kind of immaturity. Being immature is acceptable trait for woman in Japanese society. If a woman is independent, not many men feel attracted to her.

Age matters a lot

According to a Japanese webcam model agency, mature model cannot make money much if she is over certain age. This is because Japanese cute contains immaturity, Japanese man do not see a mature model as a cute model. Thus, a mature webcam model is likely to face difficulty in Japanese market.

Language barrier

Although all of Japanese get English education throughout Jr high and high school, their English proficiency is not high. If you work at Japanese sites, you would face difficulty communicating with viewers. But, if you are attractive to Japanese viewers, they would be interested in talking to you as you will be an exotic model at Japanese sites.

What do I need to work for Japanese webcam sites?

First of all, you need to be considered cute. If you like Anime and manga, you are already likely to understand what cute is for Japanese.

Secondly, the sites that accept foreign models seem to be limited as most of sites are not in English. Only DX live and FC2 live have foreign models when I checked.

Third, I did not completely address in this article, but you need to study about Japanese culture little more as there are certain things that turn off viewers. (For example, I know playing with anal is not normal thing in Japan.) You may want to work with a Japanese webcam model agency if you are not sure where to begin.

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