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Internet offers numerous opportunities to make money while working from the comfort of home. The work-from-home model is enticing many skilled individuals to freelance and earn from their abilities.

With a significant rise in the number of women moving online for adult work, the already established adult industry is experiencing a boom in the revenue generation.

This article shows you how to make money by adopting one such work from home job- Adult cam chat.

This popular genre in the adult industry is offering bloated opportunities to both, the models and the cam-chat sites to earn big by serving the men and women who love visiting these sites.    

If you are a beginner or an experienced model and thinking about earning from the adult webcam job, the hints and tips in this article will assists you in your cause.

By following this fundamental step-by-step guide, you can shape your career as a webcam model with an informed choice.  So here it is-

Step# 1: Research

Take a step back and spend some time researching about the companies and websites offering the adult webcam services. Your research must answer the following questions-

    • Which geo-locations does the site serve?
    • How much do they pay for the job?
    • Do they take a percentage cut, if yes, then how much?
    • When does the payout occur?
    • How does the Payout occur?
    • Do they offer technical support or training?
    • Do they offer any assurance against leakage on the web?
  • Do they sponsor the cost of equipment for the models?

After getting the answers to these questions, tally them with the points given below:

    • Some websites take percentage-cut from the earnings made by the models, while some of them hire the models for a full-time job, and offer a fixed salary to them.
    • Many popular adult websites even sponsor the cost of equipment required for cam chat setup. They do not intend to compromise the video and audio quality, so they provide the standardized equipment from their side itself.
    • Most of the cam chat studios will release weekly payouts through check. While there are a few who release online payments only. With the globalization of adult cam chat business, many websites are gradually moving towards online-only payments transfer. 
  • Please note that many popular payment services like PayPal do not allow payments on the adult websites. It is better to refrain from the websites that offer only PayPal payments to the models.

Step #2: Check for legal licenses

To be honest, adult domain is a controversial industry. It has numerous legal obligations to fulfill before initiating the business in a particular geo-location.

Many countries have imposed a complete ban on adult rated websites and platforms. Failing to comply with the regulation might result in shutting down of the website and you would lose your accumulated earnings. So-

    • Make sure that the website for which you are working is complying with the legal obligations of the respective geo-locations where it is active.
  • Also, check their license for working as an adult website.

Step #3: Fulfill the legal obligations from your side too

Not just the chat cam company but also the models need to prove their authenticity and genuineness.

As these websites contain many sensitive data about the general users and other webcam models, they make sure to bind the models in legal obligations to ensure the safety of the data. Before signing up or just after signing up, you need to submit your

    • Real image for the profile picture
    • Signed contract

Every genuine cam chat website follows this general procedure.

Step #4: Check of Tips, Do’s and Don’ts

After you have finished your initial research and completed the legal formalities, it time to become familiar with modus-operand of the website.

A professional adult chat cam studio will always provide you with enough documentation explaining the assisting guidelines and suggestions.

Most of them have support executives who assist the models in every set of job, from setting up the equipment to clearing up the doubts.

Read the provided documents and other instructions carefully before going live. It will help you to adopt the best possible methods for earning a good amount through adult cam chat job

Step #5: Set up your model profile

Now you can jump into the webcam world with your best foot forward.

    • Username: Pick an interesting username that is easy to remember at the same time. Your best bet would be creating a username available on Twitter too. It will help you creating a recognizable social media presence to promote your business and get regular clients.    
    • Password: Give a strong password to your user account. You can choose a combination of letters, numbers, upper case, and lower case. Some websites also allow symbols (@ # $ % ^ & *) in the password.
    • Profile Picture: Upload an HD quality profile picture. Do not use any random pic from the internet. Using your actual picture will sprinkle a sense of authenticity in your profile and more clients would be interested in you. So put your best foot forward and click some nice pictures of yourself.
    • Profile Description: Describe your profile in few but not too few words. Avoid providing any personal information like exact city name, actual name, so that you can always keep your professional and personal life separate. You do not want a client knocking on your door.
    • Goals: Almost every adult cam chat platform allows models to mention the goal amount they wish to collect. You can set your daily goals for how many tokens you wish to earn today.
  • Rate Description: Many websites allow models to put a rate list of each interaction. Users tip the corresponding amount to the models with a request to perform the action. For example, two tokens for a sexy pose and four tokens for removing the apparel etc. This description will let the users know about the things you are willing to do to be paid.

Step #6: Test your setup with a rehearsal

It is important to make sure the setup is competent to handle the live sessions.

Any disturbance in the live session would only drop the clients’ user experience and he will take no time to switch the cam to other models. To make sure your setup is all powered up, keep the following requirements in mind-

    • Camera: Use a high-quality webcam like Logitech 720p webcam Pro 900 or Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910. 
    • Light: Use good lighting in the room. Have at least three or four light sources to prevent shadows on your face. Keep the light source behind the web cam, not opposite to the webcam.
    • Audio: Use a high-quality mic that actively cancels the background noise. It is wise to make your room soundproof as possible. 
    • Background: Make sure the area covered in the webcam look tidy and clutter-free. To add some value to your presentation, you can decorate your room a little.
    • Proximity: Keep the props you might need in the cam-show nearby. You do not want to leave the screen blank while going to fetch the props in the live show. Also, keep the outfits ready for a quick change. Some people just love to role-play and tip a lot to the cam girls willing to participate.
  • Inventory: Based on your experience and research, make a list of all the props and outfits you might need for your shows. Keep them all ready to fulfill the requests on the go. A little preparation might give you an upper hand over other cam girls on the same platform.

Step #7: Know the ways for earning

Adult cam chat offers numerous ways to receive tokens from users. However, four of them are the most standard ways-

    • A general tip without any request, just because they like you.
    • A tip with a request to do something for them, especially in a public chat room.
    • Custom rate for a private cam show. You can set a standard cost or a dynamic rate with negotiations for performing in a private chat room.
  • Payment for a peak in the private show. Some platforms allow users of public chat rooms to see what is happening in a private chat room with some fixed or dynamic cost.

Step #8: It is ShowTime                                                   

Live cam chat is not easy. You only get a single shot and there are no retakes. It is crucial to be cautious about anything you say or act. So take a deep breath, relax, and do not show your nervous face to the clients.

Here are a few tips to run a successful and cautious live cam show –

    • Do not start with thinking money only. You will eventually start earning, but first, you need to put some investments. The best bet is getting a client for the private one-to-one show. However, to get a client for the same, you would need to show some moves in the public room as well.
    • Be cautious about your personal information. Viewers would often times insist on knowing your real name or address, but it is not wise on your part. Make up some fake name that looks real. Pick up any random location that is not so near to your actual proximity. 
    • Check out other cam girls on the same platform or other platforms. See what they are doing. You can take a reference and offer something more interesting than they are offering. Moreover, you can learn the presentation skills from other experienced cam girls too.
  • Refrain from type-only interaction and use audio. Many cam girls avoid audio chatting and connect with the viewers through text-only chat. Typing helps on certain occasions but the audio chat will make a more intense impact as people prefer audio over text chatting.


Lastly, you can take a cue from the words of an experienced model on the HerBodyBank site, which is a crowd-funding platform for financing cosmetic surgeries.

Many cam girls in the industry are making money simply by performing sex acts and taking off their clothes. However, I experienced that there is a lot of scope at making money if you start slowly with a niche. I mean, start with talking to the users, generally flirting, and gradually start taking request for sex acts. What’s incredible about this technique is that clients will tip you during this procedure, and they will be altogether pumped up with sexual disappointment when you get to the sex acts part to the point of spending more cash on the actual part”.

Author Bio: I am a professional blogger, guest writer and Influencer. Currently associated with HerBodyBank  as a content marketing  strategist.

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