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Can you live off webcam modeling? It is not a question most people who partake of the service care to ask but those in the industry know too well what a cam girl’s salary is.

On the face of it, webcam modeling seems like the kind of gig that earns you as much as you want to make.

It all depends on how long you are willing to work, right? Well, that may be the ideal scenario but nothing is ideal in real life.

That said, some of the most popular sites on the internet have to do with selling sex in one way or another and the old mantra that sex sells finds new meaning here.

Websites dedicated to cam girls such as Chaturbate, Livejasmin or BongaCams attract visitors in the tens of millions, which is a clear indicator that you can make money as a cam girl.

Cam girls are not just putting a show

The adult industry has grown enormously in the last half decade and with the advent of the smart phone, you have access virtually anywhere you go.

With newer avenues promising more money for cam girls, the best of them go into it with a business mindset.

The show is not just about pleasing the audience for the cam girl of this age. They have to worry about retaining clients and getting the finances up. It involves whole strategies to increase profitability and keep an eye on the finances and fans.

How about earning a cool million within a year?

Webcam modeling has become very popular, with men and women all getting in on the action. A survey by BetaBeat established a cam girl by the name LittleRedBunny as the most popular.

According to the survey, LittleRedBunny is enjoying the perks that come with being number one.

The cam girl charges $4.99 per minute for a live show, which can easily amount to a million dollars in annual earnings.

The impressive figure is mostly due to private shows in which the cam girl entertains individual fans for an added charge.

For private shows, cam girls like LittleRedBunny will indulge the client’s personal fantasies for as long as they can pay for. In most cases, this is a few hours at best but there are private shows that have been known to go on for 15 hours or more.

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Earn money broadcasting for 2 hours a day

No webcam model stats out with a four-digit weekly pay. Each model has to work their way up the ranks in whichever cam site they choose to broadcast from.

If you have thought about it before, starting out with a 2-hour week is not bad . You could also work for 2 hours each day.

Typically, cam girls may charge $2.99 per minute and double the amount for clients who want to live chat.

On average, such cam girls may end up raking in anything from $300 to $1,000 for two to 5 hours of shows per day.

The amount of money a cam girl stands to make per day all depends on how far they are willing to push their sexual inhibitions to indulge customer requests.

In this line of work, the girls come across all sorts of requests, from the downright bizarre to the cute and adorable.

Tips push the earnings even higher

In an industry pegged on romantic emotions and the need to please, the door usually swings both ways.

Cam girls show up for the broadcast with the aim of pleasing their fans and fans on the other hand show their appreciation through tipping.

According to LittleRedBunny, a cam girl can easily get earnings over and above the standard charges simply for showing interest in their clients’ lives and listening to their needs intently. Clients are always inclined to tip as long as they are having a good time.

With potential earnings of upwards of $1,800 per week, it’s no wonder everyone is jumping on the hype of becoming the next online sexual exhibitionist.

A lot of webcam models who got into it as a temporary thing found themselves warming up to their job because the old gig couldn’t match up to the new earnings.

Easy as it sounds to make money from webcam modeling; the industry is just like any other and you need to be unique, inventive and confident.

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Webcam Model Earning Showcase

You have probably been reading many times about how much money webcam models earn. Some of those information are exact, some of course aren’t. In this post I’ll show you on specific example how much money some of my models earn working like a webcam model.

Like first, it depends on many things. First of all, you must know which one of webcam agencies pay the most, then which impression you’ll leave on the client, what you are willing to do what not etc.

The most agencies pay 1 – 10 dolars per minute, some more. Just imagine that you have couple of clients in the same time in you room, example three clients.

Every of them will pay you one dolar per minute, that is the lowest. That means that you’ll earn 3 dollars for just one minute.

For one hour you will make near 200 dollars. Nice amount. Isn’t it?

Founding webcam agencies which pay the most is the most important step. From my experience I’ll prompt two agencies that I have been working with for a long time, and I have never had any problems with them, even with the cost or some help.

Mongocams gives you complete statistics about how much you have been working, how much you have been earning, so you can see everything that you were doing while you was online.

They pay twice per month, every two weeks. Look at screenshot below.


I, like an agent, have a 10 % from earnings of my models. Just imagine how much money my models made. Webcam jobs is one of the most paying jobs on the net.

Of course some of models don’t earn anything or earn very little. On the other hand I have a model which makes much more then you can see here. Why is so, I’ll tell you later.

If someone ask me which webcam agency is the best,I’ll tell that is Internetmodeling.

They have been on the net since 90’s and they have a couple livecam sites which have millions visitors per day.

They pay weekly, every Monday. Strongly recommended. Below is an example of how to become good webcam model.

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As you can see there are some models which earn very little. Why is it so? Many expect that they’ll make tons of money on the first performance and if that doesn’t happen they give up.

The best example is the model that I circled. I must masked names of models, about that an another occasion.

This model has been working for three weeks and her salary for that period isn’t worth mentioning.

But she was patient, she was listening our advice and gradually she become recognizable among clients. Now she is one of the most wanted models. She brought to me 67 dollars from this period, which meens that she earned 670 dollars per week.

Today this model earns over 1000 dollars per week. She has permanent clients, she posted her schedule and when she is online her client are so. Of course there are models which make some money for couples days. Further, there are many ways to earn money.

There are also video and other sales, which means that you can make money even if you didn’t work.

I’ll go back to the beginning. Many people will tell you how you can earn 20 or 30 thousands dollars monthly.

That is rare, but there are models which make that amount of money, but they have been for five or more years on the net. But to earn decent amount by working for couple of hours per week is feasible.

The best example is my model mentioned above.

So, remember that webcam jobs are like every other jobs. You have clients which are ready to pay for your services. In the earlier posts I’ve mentioned that webcam modeling is fun and you are an entertainer and you have a main word. You’ll acquaint many people and become friend with them.

I hope that I have given you true picture about that how much webcam models earn, without any lie. Sitting in your own home and make money is a great opportunity. The rest is up to you.

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