Becoming successful webcam model isn’t easy. Even if you have willingness and want to do this, that’s usually isn’t enough. There are many reasons for that and some of them we are going to mention in this post. You need to take some steps if you want to attract people on your site or chat room.

If you join one of the most popular webcam sites with huge number of models, your profile probably won’t be on the first page of that site. Imagine that you join to Internet Modeling agency. There are hundreds of models online every moment. Users can change how much models they want to see on every page. They have a choice to select between 20 and 100 models to appear per page. And what if you are on the 5th or the 10th page on site? It is hard for them to find you.

Of course, there are search bar with filters, and if you set your profile with some tags as blonde, toys or babes they will find you if they are looking for that type of models. But you don’t need to wait for that kind of traffic. You need to gain good reviews and attract users in your room. I don’t want to discourage you, but if you want to become one of the best camming model which will appear on the first page, you need to gain good reviews from users and you will rise. But, until you achieve that you need to do other things.

Join one of these webcam communities

We are owners of this blog, and before we started it, we had investigated many sources on internet to find all adequate information about webcam modeling. The best advices about webcam jobs you will definitely find on camming forums. There are many actual and former webcam models and if you ask them anything about cam jobs they will give you good recommendations. Do you want to know which agencies are the best, how to attract customers to your room or anything else, ask other models with enough experience and this is the first step you should do.

There are many forums in adult industry but our suggestion for you are these two:
1. – One of the most popular webcam community made by one camgirl. She has done amazing job with this forum. Site has become one of the most popular sources in this industry.

2.– Other great community. Joining them you can find great advices from other models, read reviews about camming sites, find best adult sites for selling your videos and pictures, experience of other cam girls and much more.
These forums are great sources for beginners to learn and find many tricks and tips for camming jobs.
If you want to know more, read our reviews about best cam sites.


Use social networks for promoting yourself as webcam model

We all know that social networks are one of the powerful marketing tools on the internet. No matter what kind of job you are doing, if you know how to use this amazing sources you can make really good things.
You can’t use facebook for promoting adult content, but there are networks such as Tumblr, twitter and Instagram and these are good sources to start.

Information about you–when you open account you need to put some short description below your account. In one sentence describe yourself and be sure to put link to your camming room.

Follow – when you join to some webcam site, you definitely need to follow it on social networks. Following them you will be updated with new features, you can see what other models talk, what is new in camming industry and much more. Also you need to follow other models and other camming agencies and some of them will probably reply to your follow.

Commenting– Search social networks for same or similar adult content and join with your comments. Ask for advices, recommend yourself to other users, tell other your experiences with camming jobs and everything else. People will see you, visit your profile and you will easy become “viral”.

Hashtags – The most powerful tool for searching social networks. If you make some posts on your wall,it is necessary to put some hashtags bellow your status. Of course it need to be something similar with webcam modeling, example #camgirl #camjobs etc. People are searching for different information, and more hashtags you use it is bigger chance for you to be seen. In every comment you post on your or other accounts, hashtags are a must

You tube – we all know about you tube restriction about adult content and age. But you can put some video on you tube, where you can,for example, explain your first experience as camgirl and share it on social networks, of course with hashtags below it. People will respond be sure.

So, these are some guidelines for beginners in camming industry. Of course there are many ways but we have mentioned some. In the beginning you need to be patient, promote yourself through forums and social networks. When people see you, you will fast move yourself from 5th to 1st page on camming site. And remember, despite everything, the most important attribute for camgirl or other webcam models is personality.

Thanks for reading

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