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Updated on March 5th 2019

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There are lots of websites online, where you can make money as a webcam model, but the truth is, the only few of them actually works.

Some of them are just created to earn commission, other to take your personal information etc..

But the webcam modeling sites I’m about to tell you are trustworthy and have been online since the 90’s, that’s right, they’ve been online for many years and they have history of paying thousands of dollars weekly to their models.

How to recognize good webcam modeling sites?

It’s very easy, search their names a bit on the forums and other websites, if they’re good, their names will be mentioned a lot as some models and agents will try to promote them, like I’m doing right now.

And there will usually be proofs around of payments and testimonials of happy models and agents.

I wouldn’t share with you this type of information if I wasn’t certain that they actually work, the webcam modeling sites you’re about to read about here are the best in the game and they helped many models like yourself to earn a living from their homes.

Highest paying webcam site

Model’s Choice – Probably the most popular site in camming industry, both for models and users. As a webcam model you will keep around 60% of earnings.

Site has huge traffic (millions daily) and high Google ranking (#170). If you are beginner you definitely need to try with this cam site. Full review you can read here.

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InternetModeling.com – They’ve been online since 1998, I was 7 years old back then, and look they are still paying and they pay weekly. If you earn one dollar, you will get one dollar, if you earn $10,000 you will get that amount , not a penny less.

You can choose your payment gateway and there are couple of them, and you can check your stats right from the website. I as an agent make a good percentage every week from my models, and not a single complain I have.

They protect me and my models and they give as attention we need in order to work better and earn more. If you want to be a webcam model and you’re looking for a good paying webcam jobs, this website is for you and we’re sure you’ll find interesting webcam jobs.

I-CAMZ – we recently joined the website, and as much as we could notice, they pay up to their models, one model I know earns $800 a week. And she said it’s very easy to work with I-CAMZ, I’m happy for her.

Please try it out and let me know your opinion.It’s better to join and test it instead of just reading the positive or negative reviews. They pay weekly, through payoneer (min $20).

Of course you need to realize that not everyone is making the same, someone makes less and someone even makes more.Let me tell you something that you already know, any site that promises $10,000 a day or more or high numbers like that is a scam and you need to be careful and stay away from those types of  websites or modeling agencies.

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Because you need to be realistic, the more you work the more you will get, but work smart of course.

And the reason why my models get paid well is because these websites have millions of visitors daily, millions of people ready to pay money in order to see you perform.

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  • hello there
    i had a bad experience with a rude studio on stream mate so i terminated with them; now can’t use SM for another 6 months; looking for the best paying cam site; am a male; can you help or may i have you call me or i call you to discuss your advice? thanks

  • Hi. I started working as a webcam model just a couple weeks ago. I started with a studio but i have had so many troubles with them that i want to start working by my own. The only thing in the middle is that they signed me up with streamate, and they dont leave me make the change on the account. Anyways, thats why i’m starting to consider new websites as an option. I ask you… How good you think streamate is ? and how good compared to other websites such as the ones you mention?? .. Also, i had heared that usually webcam model websites pay the 30 or 35% percent of what customers pay, however you say some of them pay more.. up to 70% .. is that for real? or did i missunderstood??… Anyways i really would like to know what do you recommend to me. I had a really good work week at streamate.. so i dont want that doing same thing on other website leave me with less amount of money :S

  • I am looking into webcam modeling but am unsure where to start. I want to make a good choice on which website I choose and would like to know if you can help me out with starting up with any questions I might have.

  • I have been a webcam model since I was 18. I would say the best, even for a beginner, is internet modeling. Work from home any hours you want, full or part time. Female or male, no experience necessary. 70% payout and the highest amount of traffic.

  • I just started working on cheetahcams (Jasmin affiliate) and they have been pretty good to me so far. It’s only been a month but the traffic is good and not a lot of wasted down time while working. Good in promoting you while online so I don’t really have to do all the twitter updates blah blah blah. Hopefully it will continue this way. Better overall experience I’ve had in a year on 2 other sites.

  • Mongo Cams is not that great. Customer service guy has an attitude problem. Can be very rude. As well as the percentage payout is one of the lowest. i-camz is awesome on all levels. I just signed with Internet Modeling and Live Jasmine. I haven’t actually started working for them yet. However, I’ve heard/read nothing but great things about them. Streamate is excellent too!

    Good Luck future models!

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