5+ Best and Highest Paying Webcam Modeling Sites You Need to Check Out

LAST UPDATED:  May 23rd 2018

It’s been a quite some time since I wrote something interesting for you when it comes to webcam modeling. That’s why I decided to create a list of webcam modeling sites that I stumbled upon over the last few months.

You probably heard for some of them, but there are few new ones that I would like to mention and tell you something about them.

Webcam Modeling Industry is growing, that’s for sure, if you decide to become a webcam model, you need to be prepared for this. Just as it can be lucrative, fun and profitable for most of you, webcam jobs can also be stressful and demanding at the same time.

Preparation can consist of many things, in order start working in your own chat room and to run private shows or how someone calls them webcam shows you need to have high speed internet, some free amount of time that you can use and goodwill. This way you will make money at home, skip many webcam modeling agencies that would maybe love to rip you off and you will be your own boss.

And that’s one of the reasons why you need the best possible webcam modeling sites to help you make more money and enjoy it even more.


Cam sites

Lets start with the list of the highest paying webcam modeling sites online today:

Model’s Choice– One of the best webcam sites with huge traffic. Keep around 60% from all earnings, sell video and pictures, create a Fan Club, earn affiliate revenue, and much more.  Strongly recommend.
If you are beginner in this kind of adult industry, this is probably the best cam site to start your webcam jobs with. Millions of visitors per day will guarantee traffic to your chat room and this is a huge potential for you to earn some extra cash. When it comes to webcam modeling sites, this one is sure in the top 3, both for cam models and users.

Internet Modeling – One of the oldest websites online and most trusted ones, I’m working with them for over a 5 years now. Great place to start,  they give you up to 70% of earnings, which is quite good for this saturated industry, their highest paying webcam models make $2,000 or more per week. Payments to models are made weekly for the previous week worked. Pay period runs Saturday 8pm EST to Saturday 7:59pm EST.

Webcam Sites Review App – Something new in the industry. CamReview is the only app where you can read honest and true reviews about best webcam sites and which websites are good for webcam modeling. If you want to become a webcam model or you’re interested in how to become a webcam model and which website is the best one to start with, then you are on the right place. Reviews are generated by real users with experience in webcam modeling or the ones who are trying to learn which one works best for them. Share your experiences with the world and find the best webcam modeling sites possible.

ManyVids – ManyVids.com is a platform/marketplace designed specifically for porn stars, webcam models, amateur performers and other content producers to easily sell and promote content online. Using ManyVids you can make money while offline, you don’t need to be constantly online using webcam, just upload your photos, videos and set a price, make a passive income while spending your time with family and friends.

LiveGirl – a top-ranking Vedic Chat APP, where the AVERAGE daily income of girls is $300+, you can withdraw money everyday. SHORT WORKING HOURS, BIG WEEKLY&MONTHLY BONUS, and chance for meeting guys from all over the world. There is no reason for a TALKTIVE and OPEN-MINDED girl to miss the app. (Having an iPhone or iPad is a must; then you can go live to work whenever and wherever you want)

Bonga – The most popular camming site in Europe but one of the leading webcam site for global traffic. Site has great features both for models and users. Bonga accepts all models, female, male, transgender and couples. Become their webcam model and you can get over 50% commission. If you refer members or other models you will also get percent. One of the best community in webcam modeling industry. Site has huge traffic and high google ranking (#87), so this is best recommendation for you to join.

Jasmin – The website was created in 2001 and since then has won many awards in camming industry. Some of the awards: best live cam site, best live video chat, best online support, best live chat site and many others.  This site is first choice for many webcam models because of the great software, awesome design and amazing features.
Unlike chaturbate and bonga, livejasmin doesn’t allow nudity in public chat, so you have to invest a little more effort to attract users in private chat. But once you succeed, you will establish loyal fan base. If you are looking for stable and professional platform to start your webcam job, livejasmin is a great place. After all, they are over fifteen years in webcam modeling industry, this is certainly enough recommendation?!

Infloo.co – new platform that can help you make money by modeling or selling your videos and photos on infloo and charging access to your followers. Great place for amateur webcam models or anyone who likes to sell something online. This is a future type of website for nsfw industry and many other industries, we think that you should check it out. (Must have at least 1000  followers on social media to be accepted).

I- Camz – as I mentioned in the previous posts, icamz slowly but safely proves itself over and over again as a great webcam modeling site. I must admit that their design is awful, but behind the scene there is a great support and powerful tools that will help you understand anything you need. Check them out, they pay me on time and even the same week when I earn money, this way they proved to me that they care about their business and partners.

CamSoda – CamSoda is an absolutely new sort of cam site. On CamSoda the model is paid $0.05 to $0.055 per token. The model is able to sets the rates (Token/Min) up or down from the model account’s. On average, about 65% of all gross money spent on CamSoda is sent to models.

CamJobs4Models – After submitting your documents for a review, you can start working and making money. A lot of options and great software to work with, you will be able to track every transaction in detail, highly recommended.

If you want know more, read our guide how to become a cam girl.


Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments.

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  • Mongo cams rips the girls off and if you have problems streaming and ask for help to much he bans you and keeps all your money and details he acts like a 12 year old . he will tell you that he has your passport details and home details and he will do what ever he wants with them then he sends you a big LOL.

    • I’m guessing the person you dealt with is Brad? Had the same issue. When I wrote and asked for the ability to view stats he emailed back stating that I should f*ck off, and that he was going to spend the rest of the evening getting off to my videos that he recorded. An absolute ass. Never work for them. They sell every minute of time you are online – free or private chat, within hours of logging off.

      • If this is all true, Mongo Cams and “Brad” shouuld be reported to BBB and sites like PissedConsumer and Rip off report etc

  • Agree with Jordan, Mongo cam is a totally sucks! They have problems not only with payings that can disapear , but also with a support , that can send you to hell very rude and ban you for asking them about where is my money.. the worst experience I ever had with them.
    Myfreecams is fine, icamz, manyvids.. just not those imbecils from mongo!
    Take care, girls

  • I wish I had found this site before I got myself hooked up with mongo cams. They are indeed the worst and have the audacity to have another site called camtertainment. Girls please beware. i-camz is wonderful!!! I am looking for more legitimate sites to sign up with starting in the new year. I’m quitting both of the month sites. They support guy is an asshole. Thank you for the suggestions, I will be taking you up on them.

  • Hi,
    I want to start as a Webcam Model.
    And at the applications they asking about my address and they want a picture of my Id.
    Is that normal or I have to worried about something?

    And which option is the best to get paid? Check or Direct Deposit?

    • Patricia you need to show your id document and it is normal in camming industry. They want to know you are 18+. Take direct deposit, but better options are paxum or payoneer.

      • I went through 99% of the sign up process but stopped when my application was rejected due to me concealing my signature, licence number and address. They had my face, date of birth and name. ONLY this information is required to prove that I was over 18.
        All this extra info is unnecessary and could be used illegally (fraud and identity theft) by either the website themselves or a third party. Are there any webcamming sites that do not try to milk you of ALL your personal details and ONLY need to know your proof of age??

    • I recommend you to direct deposit. And no worry about photo I’d thi is normal. It actually verify the details. For joining legit site follow this link and sign up I-camz

        • Hi Jade, those info will only have website admin/company. No one else can see the info you don’t want to share. Good luck 😉

          • They need your details to verify you’re a us citizen and in order to pay you and send you a tax form at the start of the new year. It’s like getting hired by an employer.

  • I’m looking into starting in this business as a side gig. I need something safe obviously, and the most bang for my, well bang 😉

    What would you suggest?

  • Indeed, a cam model with good regular customers makes more than other. Loyalty is important even in the live cam industry.

  • Hi everyone I’m also about to start camming full time, Im a male, I wanted to know any of these sites where I don’t have to show my face or at least can be covered with costumes. I’m located in Panama central America, there are some sites that don’t admit some countries. Thanks for your response

    • Hi KelseyQ, beginner webcam model usually makes between $100 and $200 a day. But it all depends from how you perform and how much viewers enjoy your shows, sometimes it’s lower and sometimes it’s much higher.

      Thanks for reading OM

  • I had a baby 5 months ago.. and I’m needing to bring in some cash quickly.. do you think any of these sites would take someone who has a post baby body?

  • Hi I’m looking to start web camming and want to know who are the best and nicest to use? I’m looking at cashcamdaily anyone use or heard if it?

  • Hi girls, I’m starting on the webcams jobs, someone recommended me mygirlfund.com but it’s been almost two weeks and still haven’t even work there, so, which one u think it’s the best one and the better way to get paid since I’m from Mexico

  • Hello everyone,
    This seems like exactly where I need to be before I jump into anything. I’m researching webcam sites. I would like to start out just by myself but in a few months introduce a male partner. I never thought about sites being ripoffs.

    What sites would you suggest to use if I am concerned with being ripped off, making a decent income from this part time. I also want to be able to wear different masks but not covering my entire head or face. I am concerned with privacy because of family. Not for my exposure but for what they may go through.

    Also, during my “research” I was able to watch a ton of videos without paying a dime and participate in the chatroom features without signing up or tipping. How can I be sure I’m not even involved in a site like that? Thanks for any and all help.

  • Hey guys, just curious as to what are the best canadian based sites so that i do not have to worry about working for the US and dealing with that during TAX time. Any feedback is helpful

  • Thanks for the great article. My wife works for Streamate and they only pay 35% across the board. They only do direct deposit if you earn more than $250 a week and when they mail checks it take over two weeks to get your earnings. She has been trying to set up a web-blog for over a month but they are dragging their feet on everything. I’m sending her this article and suggesting she sign on with someone else. Wish we saw this 7 months ago when she first started.

  • My concern with showing a photo ID is that I have to give them my real name when signing up, and I want to use an alias…I don’t want anyone on a cam site to know my real first or last name. How can I bypass this?

    • Hi Kate, your ID and real name will stay confidential with website you’re working on.

      No one else will know your real identity, you can choose your alias when working with your audience.

      Thank you for reading OM, and good luck.

  • Recommend to choose between this webcam sites, never had problems with them, huge traffic and opportunity for income !
    I tried to work on other sites, but there are very few people and a small income.

    1. Camranked
    2. Bonga

    Working with them for long time with no problems at all!

  • I just sign up icamz but have not yet given more information like my ID and stuffs as I received an email like “Recommended pay rates: Premium rate of $3.99. Exclusive rate of $4.99. We have found these rates to yield the best overall earnings. ”

    what does this means? and also, if I want to quit modeling after a few months, can I delete my account? I know in stripchat, we could delete it but what about icamz?

    • You’re welcome. Here is the fast track apply link

      If they ask you details, it’s for payment purposes and for making sure they are hiring those of legal age. It’s required for all modeling and porn business.

      Btw, guys can model too, just stand there, flex muscles, workout in your shorts. easy money

  • Thanks for sharing a nice post with a lot of web cam sites. There are many web cam site who are paying highest but some of the site not in your list. Now I am working as a webcam model at phonesext.com.au. This site paying me satisfied money I am very happy working with this site. Becoming a phone sex operator is the best source of income for anyone in the adult industry.

  • Icamz is one site but I think they pay best.


    if you click on that link it will help you sign up fast for cash.
    If you are in the US it’s easy to get paid by direct deposit but if you are outside the US you have to sign up for Payoneer, it’s like Paypal but it’s totally free. There are other ways they will pay you, like wire transfer and other options with ICAMZ. But the best thing is that you can also sign up to model and recruit other models to make to money (10%). To be a recruiter, please click on this link to apply to recruit. This is my first time doing this. So please help me out and use the links I provided.

  • Does anyone know if any of these sites will let you work on other webcamming sites? SM wouldn’t let me and I was only collecting 30% it was quite the struggle.

  • hey there i am a webcam agent that works for internet modeling for almost two years now and i never had any problems with this site.Its a site that offers full suport for their models as being very profesional and one of the first sites operating and with daily traffic of 5million visitors.So if you decided to become a cammodel and make at least 500$ every day you are welcome to sign up anytime! Good luck!

  • Anyone have any reviews on MFC (myfreecams.com) ?
    I’ve been working there for about a Month and have only generated about $500. Just wondering if this s a normal pay or on the low side and which site would be best for a girl starting out trying and trying to generate a good income for her family?
    Thanks for the info in advance!

  • The truth is I’m just starting in this world and it’s still difficult for me to fit in because it’s difficult for me to understand some things, or rather to manage certain pages. My problem is that I want to receive payments only by PayPal. please if anyone knows which page pays in this way let me know, I would appreciate a lot

  • I want to join webcam modelling I tried to sign up for chaturbate and mfc but got reject does that have to do with the country am in?(Kenya) and could some recommended a good site that also accept African countries ,

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